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Towel Kleen

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3D Towel Kleen is a lemon scented, powerful, low foam laundry machine soap. Unlike powder soaps, this liquid detergent will not retain residue inside the towels fibers - thus eliminates streaking on windows. This will also extend the towels life while maintaining its softness. This product has excellent rinsing ability.

Towel clean is a low foam laundry machine soap. Unlike powder soaps, will not retain detergent residue inside the fibers of the towels. Since detailers use towels for cleaning engines, wiping windows, drying of cars after washing and other uses you never know what kind of oil and grime is trapped in the towel fibers. If you happen to use a standard detergent, you are risking not getting rid of the oil and particles from the towels. In that case, your towel that was washed with the wrong detergent (especially dry detergents) may still have oil residue or other particles that can scratch the car paint and streak on the glass windows and scratch the paint job on the body of the vehicles. Towel clean has an excellent rinsing ability.

DIRECTIONS: In UniMac or similar laundry machines, use only 2 oz per wash cycle. As rinsing is minimal in car wash laundry equipment, DO NOT OVER USE THE PRODUCT.

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