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Mystery Glaze Premium Shine Enhancer 16oz

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Masterson’s Mystery Glaze is the ultimate gloss enhancer for a brilliant shine on all colors. The innovative shine formula delivers a magnificent mirror finish. Apply to any vehicle to create a show winning shine with a super slick gloss. Masterson’s Mystery Glaze is crafted using a secret recipe known by only a select few. The mysterious blend of synthetic gloss enhancers and paintwork cleaners restore a high gloss shine. Masterson’s Mystery Glaze works on all colors including metallic and custom paintwork finishes. Simply apply to your car and watch the magical power of Masterson’s Mystery Glaze create a mirror shine in minutes! Masterson’s Mystery Glaze is engineered to deliver incredible gloss and shine that defies the laws of physics. Innovative polymer shine technology enhances the natural color of any vehicle to create the ultimate shine. Simply apply to any color paintwork for superior gloss and reflection. Masterson’s Mystery Glaze can be applied by hand or machine for maximum versatility. Innovative paintwork cleaners create a brilliant shine to all colors. Restore the factory shine back to your paintwork! Delivers a brilliant gloss to dark and light colored vehicles. Masterson’s Mystery Glaze is designed to be topped with your favorite Masterson’s Wax or Sealant coating. Achieve incredible shine with Masterson’s Mystery Glaze.

Directions: Shake Well – Wash surface before application – Apply Mystery Glaze using a premium microfiber or foam applicator pad – Allow 10 minutes for Mystery Glaze to dry - Buff off glaze to a high gloss shine using a microfiber towel – If desired, apply a second coat for maximum shine – Top Mystery Glaze with a coat of your favorite Masterson’s Wax or Sealant coating.

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