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CR Spotless Replacement Resin 2pk RS-20

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Part Number:RS-20

RS-20 will refill the de-ionizing resin in the 2 resin cartridges of your DIC-20 Spotless Water System. The package includes 2 pre-measured package of resin in a heat sealed nylon bag to keep it fresh and convenient. All you have to do is cut a corner off the bag and pour the entire contents of ONE bag into the refillable cartridge.

When restarting the system, be sure to use a limited flow rate as you purge the air from the empty cartridges. After you hear all the air discharge from the ‘business end’ of your dispensing device (hose nozzle/pressure washer), get your *spot-free* clean game on and enjoy all the magic behind the science of deionized water!

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